Nur&Duha invites you to discover the world and enjoy your trip… with the Halal stamp
Visit fascinating places where you can enjoy what you like most: art, culture, nature, sports, shopping, health and wellbeing…
We are the first agency with the Halal guarantee stamp. Our services are certified by the Halal Institute of Spain, a member of the International Halal Integrity Alliance
Our mantra is hospitality. We want your stay to be a beautiful and unforgettable experience
Madrid, Barcelona, Cordoba, Granada, Seville, Malaga, Marbella… Spain and Andalusia are our specialty. You will enjoy countless treasures in the unique Mediterranean climate
Al Andalus: very hard to describe in words… It’s just amazing!
There are many reasons to visit. And how about watching the football team your most passionate about, live? If you want to go to matches, training sessions or tour the Real Madrid or FC Barcelona stadiums, Nur&Duha will make it possible
Spain, Morocco, Egypt, Turkey… Each country is an invitation to travel. We offer you the opportunity to discover and experience together with halal virtues
A trip of work or pleasure? With economical or luxury hotels? With family or a group of friends? End of course or honeymoon? We design the journey that suits you best
You deserve the best attention, the highest quality and the most competitive prices. We do not make false promises, we ensure the ‘amanah’ you put into our hands