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Our Referrals in Halal and cultural travels

We are an agency that works only with the best, with the Halal business, and the world of cultural travel, we work only with the highest recommendations and references. HALAL INSTITUTEhalal_institute_stamp_guarantee It is the organization that certifies Halal in Spain. They manage and endorse the Halal stamp to the products and services to companies and entities that serve the public that practice Islam in Spain as well as the European Union. The services we have are endorsed by the Institute Halal stamp, we stand by there requirements in all aspects during your stay, transport, food, restaurants, hotels and lodgings etc. Halal Institute of Spain is a member of International Halal Integrity Alliance. www.institutohalal.com

CRESCENT RATINGCR logo The World’s Leading Authority on Halal/Muslim Friendly Travel has rated us, as its authorized partner for Spain

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