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There are lots of reasons to travel

Arabic calligraphy, ceramics, Andalusian mosaic and leather, color and spirituality… From an intensive approximation for a weekend, a few days or more. We organize workshops on demand of these specialties for groups minimum of six people, while enjoying a few days of relax in the delightful climate of Andalusia. For more details, contact us.

Percussion, rhythms and chords for music lovers. A reflective and experimental approach to enjoy the sounds in a perfect setting: the beauty and the delightful climate of Andalusia. Workshops organized on request for groups minimum of six people. For more details, contact us.

The famous Andalusian gazpacho… and much more. The best environment -the beauty and the delightful climate of Andalusia- to learn some of the simplest dishes, healthy and delicious Spanish cuisine, also inherited from the tradition of Al Andalus. And then enjoy eating them! Workshops organized on request for groups minimum of six people. For more details, contact us.

The diverse landscape of Spain never ceases to amaze. Spain is privileged with a genuine nature. It is the third country in the world with more spaces declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO and a real natural sanctuary for Europe: beaches, lakes, mountains, volcanos, swamps, forests, rivers, valleys, cliffs… A wonderful environment where you can breath fresh air, beautiful horseback rides, walking or biking while savoring all your senses during all four seasons. Tell us what you want and we’ll arrange it for you.

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Major tourist and health services, the latest technology, an extraordinary climate, good communications… These are the ingredients that make places like Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga and the Costa del Sol (Marbella) favored destinations of high quality for health and wellbeing tourism. In these cities there are some of the most advanced medical centers with reference in Europe, whose services will be available to you; enjoy exquisite attention while being in these privileged places. If you are interested in more information, contact us.

Madrid, Barcelona, Málaga, Marbella… A shopping paradise. These cities are famed for their principle shopping areas and department stores, where you find major worldwide brands and companies. You will appreciate the beauty of these cities with their tourist offers and enjoy a unique shopping experience. Contact here for more information.

Spain is one of the superpowers in the world of football, the league brings together the largest number of stars, their selection is world champion and has the two most important clubs and more winners on the planet: Real Madrid and FC Barcelona. Millions of fans follow them over five continents. If you want to visit their stadiums and museums, attend their training sessions or enjoy a live match, count on us. We’ll arrange it for you. Are you interested? Contact us.

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