About us

A team of Muslim professionals at your service

We are a lively network of professionals with collaborators that join Islamic ethics with experience: we are the first Halal services agency to have special tourist facilities endorsed by the Halal Institute of Spain and a professional team with over twenty five years experience worldwide. A company dedicated with clear goals: we offer our clients experiences, journeys and travel packs you will find unforgettable and which will reassert the value and pride being Muslim and part of the Ummah (Muslim Nation). Our specialities are Spain and Al Andalus, within Europe and Spain it is here that Islam peaked, a privileged place with a heritage that we can feel proud to inherit, this we would like to share with the travelers of the world wide community. Cordoba is today part of the World Heritage. Granada and Sevilla host monuments that are also so. As well as Spain, we have journeys through different parts of Muslim and non muslim world. We also offer different experiences and activities: nature, sports, wellness, shopping… All so that our customers enjoy a halal holiday and services.

Our philosophy

Discover and enjoy the world with Halal ethics

Our first aim is to provide a travel expierience with Islamic ethos. A holiday acording to Islamic beleifs and practises. Real Halal vacations. We’ve thought it’s not just a matter of providing tours, but to live a unique and unforgettable experience. We try to promote cultural encounters within the Muslims from all parts of the world, strengthening the Ummah. Our driving force has been encouraged by looking what Muslims contributed to European history, specifically the area of Al-Andalus, where it reached its pinnacle of splendor. One way of doing this is to visit and admire such beautiful cities as Granada, Cordoba and Sevilla. Our aim is to place the traveler amidst the surroundings of this heritage, its environment and ambiance, as well as taking advantage by visiting the local Muslim communities. Our aim is to show a different vision, within the Islamic world heritage, reevaluating its contributions and achievements.

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